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Karen creates custom magazines for events, book launches, to life’s work. Check to out.

Custom E-Zines created

Karen Elkins is the producer, editor, researcher and graphic designer. Science to Sage E-Magazine explores the mysteries of our universe.

Each edition is a unique experience. They are topic driven featuring multiple experts in a field or an expose on one’s life work. Covered are MANY topics from wellness, water, new technologies, to sacred geometry.

Science to Sage have been called an art canvas for science, conscious science, to science with soul. Each edition is an experience rich with imagery which evokes a greater understanding of complex ideas.

To-date, produced are over 65 e-magazines hosting world renown experts, best selling authors, artist, to innovative thinkers.

Science to Sage e-zine comes live with INNER views by Karen. She enjoys engaging with these out-of-the- box thinkers and visionaries. Listen …revealed are the secrets of the ages.

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