I was at Robin’s house one night for dinner and he shared his images of research and logging. What struck me was how much trees are the same structure as humans. This was a fun exploration and insightful co-creation. Seems there is a form-u-la for life.

Enjoy – for your appreciation of Creation and the Creator


Designed by Karen Elkins

This is a fusion of ideas, disciplines and cultures .

INsightful and Personal.


 East to West, 

Science and Sage, 

Heart and Mind.

It has some of the same ideas in book 1, but this one touches more on the personal.

INSIDEOUT: Revealing the Mysteries of Creation

Designed and Published by Karen Elkins

“What one man calls God, another calls the law of physics.— Nikola Tesla



InsideOUT is the secret teaching of all ages for our times.”
—Foster Gamble, Thrive Movie

“A compelling synthesis of modern science, ancient wisdom and timeless art melded into a revolutionary view of the universe, and our lives!

“Where do we draw the line between science, spirituality, and nature’s secrets? In a visual journey of natural rhythms, cycles and geometry Karen Elkins book InsideOut demonstrates how everything from the very large to the very small—from the birth of galaxies to the formation of atoms and cells—emerges from simple, connected and unified patterns of nature. In doing so she reminds us that the key to our healing, and ultimately our survival, lies in our ability to embrace ourselves, and the world, as living, conscious and connected. 

Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, a home maker or a body worker, this books is about you, your world, and every relationship that you’ll ever experience in life. InsideOut is destined to become a cornerstone for teaching the unified science of the new millennium.” — Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of Human by Design and The Divine Matrix

“A visual feast. Karen Elkins’ “InsideOut” brings the newest and most intriguing science to a lay audience in a way that combines mystery with understanding. Rarely has science and art been blended in so effective a way.” — Gerald Pollack, PhD., Award Winning author, Professor, University of Washington